EU-made (Barcelona)

This garment is made in Barcelona. Here is where we live, and here is where we work hand by hand with all our manufacturers.

We love Barcelona.

EU-made (Alicante)

This garment is made in the European city of Alicante, only 3 hours away from Barcelona. We visit our manufacturers there whenever it is necessary to control the production process.

It is always a pleasure to travel to Alicante because it is always sunny!


The fabric used to make this garment is made in the EU. All the people involved in it’s production process are protected by the EU law.

The hands that make this fabric are treated with the same respect as your hands.


This garment is made with a yarn that comes from textile waste. Textile waste is sourced and turned into a recycled yarn that is finally weaved into a new fabric.

Less waste is more landfill for all.

Socially responsable
Socially responsable

This garment has been manufactured by women on risk of social exclusion.
These women have the chance to have a better life in their community, making it a greater community for us all.

In order to have better community.

Low Carbon Footprint
Low Carbon Footprint

The greenhouse gases released to produce this garment are very low due to the proximity of all the suppliers and manufacturers involved in it’s production process.

The air we breathe is thankful for that.


This garment is made with materials that do not come from animals.

Cruelty-free garment.

GOTS certified

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), is the world’s leading certification for organic fabrics. It ensures environmental and social responsibility on textile and fabric production.

Certified is always a bonus.

Oeko-Tex® Standard

The dyes and inks used to digital print this fabric are Oeko-Tex® certified. This means that they have non-toxic components.

It’s a happy-skin garment.