Our Values

We craft with conscience. These are the 9 principles that we follow on a daily basis to make our sustainable garments. They are our guidelines and the frame we work in:

Made in Barcelona

All our Cus collection garments are made in Barcelona. This is where we live and where we work closely to all our manufacturers. We promote local economy. Our values go hand by hand with high quality local-made production.

We love Barcelona.

Transparency and traceability

All our garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners to whom we work with side-by-side on a daily basis. We do not outsource, we know who makes our clothes.

Transparency is the future.

Sustainably sourced

We select fabrics that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to reduce environmental impact.
Organic, recycled and eco-friendly.
We don’t use virgin oil-based fabrics.

Sustainability lies at the very heart of what we do.


We use organic cotton.
The farmers who grow organic cotton nurture the soil and avoid the use of toxic pesticides or fungicides.

Go organic.


We see waste as a valuable resource.
Our recycled garments are made with fibers that come from textile waste. Textile waste is sourced, converted into recycled yarn, and then finally woven into a new fabric.

It’s time to reuse our waste.

Natural dyes

We like to create warm shades of color from nature. Our naturally dyed garments are free of oil based dyes and come from non-edible agricultural or herbal industry waste, such as leaves or nutshells.

It’s time to have a happy skin.


We believe that certifications are the best way to ensure traceability.
Cus VIVA garments are eco-certified and made in Portugal. All the suppliers involved in the production are certified: from raw material producers to manufacturers. Cus VIVA is certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the world’s leading certification for organic clothing.

Eco-certified: Yes!

Socially responsible

We want to embrace inclusion. This is why our socially responsible garments are made by women at risk of social exclusion.
These women deserve to have a better life in their community, thus making a better
community for us all.

Time to think about the others.

Lowcarbon Footprint

We believe climate change is real.
Our lowcarbon footprint garments have a minor impact on climate since the greenhouse gases released to produce them are very low as all the suppliers and manufacturers involved in it’s production process are located close to each other.

The air we breathe is thankful for that.