Who we are?

We like to make clothes that express our most deeply-held values: our love for beautiful things, the love we have for each other and how much we love and care for our planet.

Our two lines of clothing, Cus and Cus Viva, are a reflection of our concern for how and where our garments are made. We believe that real luxury comes from being part of all the process of creation.

Wearing Cus and Cus viva is an attitude. Beauty, through and through.

How we do it

We design, source, and manufacture our clothes with one aim in mind: to maximize benefits for the people we work with whilst minimizing the impact on the environment. Respecting the people we work with, building relationships, and caring about our natural environment are as much as important than the clothes we create.

If you want to know about our SS18 makers location click here or contact us to hola@cus.cat

GOTS Certified

All our garments of our Cus VIVA collection are fully GOTS certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard, which is the world´s leading organization for organic textiles; It means that all the suppliers involved in the production of each of our certified garments undergo periodic on-site inspections to certify environmental and social responsibility.

From farmers to garment makers, we are all certified.


All our prints have a hand-drawn base. We like the imperfection and artisanal finish that hand-drawing gives to the print. Color construction and its combinations have also a major role, together with the simplicity of shapes.

Sometimes, ‘the dance’ between unsophisticated and simple forms blended with certain colors can describe a very large universe.

All the fabrics that we use are digitally printed using OEKO-TEX Standard prints in Alicante, South-East of Spain.