Anna Subiròs & Cus

As a graphic designer, I have an eye trained to pick out a certain typography, a colour, a drawing or photo, a type of paper… so that together they make up a graphic language that is suited to the content to be communicated, whether this is a book, an exhibition, a corporate identity… It is in the content that I find the source of inspiration for the graphic elements which best explain it. In our studio we mainly do graphic design for exhibitions and we work with curators, architects and production companies to carry out our projects successfully.

Where do you find beauty? The things which appeal to you, which might inspire you or not, but which attract you when you see them, hear them or feel them.

Trees, each one unique and unrepeatable.
People who say things or think in an unexpected manner.
Committed young people who want to change things.
London, which achieves the perfect balance between the beautiful and the ugly.
Kate Tempest, rapper-poet, poet-rapper.
The books designed by Irma Boom, and other graphic designers like Karel Martens, Cornel Widlin, Sara de Bondt, Albert Folch, GTF and Peter Saville…
The punk movement.
The 70s in cinema, music and fashion.
The photographers Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Mary Ellen Mark, Nan Goldin and William Eggelston…

The English sense of humour.
The range of papers by GF Smith, with all its colours and textures, and the sample catalogues produced by Made Thought.
Artists: Louise Bourjeois, Jaime Pitarch, Marlene Dumas, Ana Jotta…
Writers: Anaïs Nin, Marguerite Duras, Jeanette Winterson, Natalia Ginzburg, Lucia Berlin, Virginia.
Woolf, Agota Kristof and absolutely essential though not a woman, Chekhov.
Things made by hand, baskets, textiles, colours, frames.
The Japanese way of presenting food, their slow and elegant movements, and the way they combine tastes.
Objects made of wood or leather which have a story behind them and on which you can see the marks left behind by time.

Anna is wearing: NIAcoat (Recycled Wool) and DAYOdress (Organic Cotton)

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