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This audiovisual piece is an invitation to think ourselves in an alternative, dynamic, hybrid, open and less dichotomous way.

Life can be experienced as a scene in constant transformation and deformation, without absolute, sacred or unconditional truths.

In this scene, body experiences, can be a door, because they might take you to new places.

And there, you might find something different, something unexpected and alternative.
We tend to regard thinking and learning as a disembodied process, but our most refined thoughts and best actions, our greatest joys and deepest sorrows, use the body as a yardstick.
It’s about living a personal enlargement through a body engagement.

Ariadna Ribas – Montage
Marc Cuscó – Image
Artur Tort – music and color correction
Céline – Performer
Iri Chochriakova – Styling
Sabrina Kohan – Production
Adriana Zalacain – Voice
Text based on: Critica al Pensamiento Amoroso, by Mari Luz Esteban

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