With Conscience

These are the main points on which our concept
of Radical Transparency is based on:


Our Workshop is our Studio and our Studio is our Workshop.
Manufacturing this way, there is no possible gap for tricks. In-House production, only involves a company and its employees at the place where they work.



Due to the fact the that we will have employees working with us throughout all the year, we have had to re think a new production system that allow us to stay active all the months of the year. This way, we are stepping away from the phase of collections and seasons, and we are welcoming a model where all pieces are designed and produced on an ongoing basis.
Our garments are divided in two categories: Drops and Essentials.
Drops are garments that will be Made-to-Order, this means that we will only produce what is needed and will be used, nothing wasted.

Essentials are timeless basic pieces that will remain from year to year. Among these pieces there are styles that we have been producing every season during the past years. We offer them continuously, because they are essential pieces that are made to stay forever, and will never become stock items.


We are truly committed to eradicate petroleum from the fashion industry.
All the fabrics that we use are 100% petroleum-free.
On the inner-composition tag of our garments, you will never find any trace at all of non-biodegradable petroleum-based fibers, in other words, Polyester, Polyamide, Nylon, Acrylic and so on…
Moreover, we carefully select trimmings such as buttons with only no synthetic basis either.



As said, we only use fabrics that contain 100% natural fibers because our clothes are designed to become valuable resources for others to use once the life of the garment has reached its end.
The process of Recycling of fabrics takes place only within fabrics that are not mixed between synthetic and natural fibers. When a fabric is made from a mix of a natural and a synthetic fiber (even if the percentage of the synthetic fiber is minimal), this fabric will never be Recyclable nor Biodegradable, and the only possible end to it is a landfill.

Everything we design and make will have a second life once the cycle of being a garment is over. This is what circularity is about.


Organic cotton, tencel, wool, hemp and linen are amongst the fabrics we use.
We do not use viscose, because despite it is a naturally sourced fiber, the process of production of viscose is highly contaminating. Instead we use Ecovero, which is its eco-friendly version.

For our drop pieces, we mainly use dead-stock fabrics, giving a second life to discarded fabrics and keeping them out of landfill.



Textiles are the framework of our second skin. Thus, all the fabrics that we use are dyed with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 or GOTS certifications.
They both guarantee the use of non-toxic components for the skin.