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Cus was born in 2013 as a project to develop a specific aesthetic and as a process to transform with a positive impact what surrounded me. I chose clothes as a means of expression, and making them sustainably became my goal.

In 2020 the world stopped and collapsed. In addition to the pandemic, I went through a personal experience that led me to make a personal evaluation of my professional life and my work at Cus. I was happy with the team, the sewers, the suppliers, the stores we worked with, and the clothes we made, but I had the feeling that we had to make a project transformation in order to continue adding value.

The idea of opening my own workshop in Barcelona had always been a dream in my mind. The way I understand sustainability is mainly in the facts, and making In-House clothes is the clearest fact to achieve a Radical idea of Transparency.  The moment we were going through in 2020 was really disruptive, so I told myself, why not face uncertainty carrying out and implementing the ideas that I firmly and genuinely believed in. And that’s what I did.

Through our own Workshop in Sèneca 8, we want to reflect on the importance of the production process of clothes and to stimulate small actions that promote a positive transformation of our environment. Despite this shift, Cus remains the same, we’re just making a step forward adding values and integrating new ways of working that we consider to be more aligned with what the “People and the Planet” really need now.

Adriana Zalacain

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