CusKin is an audiovisual space that we open to share ideas, enrich our minds and go beyond our own personal borders. This experience will take us to meet people and places that inspire us.

We want to step out of ourselves to go towards others, creating kinship connections that bring openness to our minds.
We are willing to address mainly two issues: On one hand, we want to rethink new ways of living more consciously on a planet where we know that resources are limited.
And on the other hand, we want to explore the experience we have with clothes in order to build our own identities. Our garments dress our bodies but they also dress our values, priorities and lifestyles.

We believe that self-exploration and self-transformation are key to personal and professional growth.

Cuskin #2

The pictures by Martina are expressive, somehow baroque and relieving. 


Cuskin #1

All I read, think and feel, is in a way or another, reflected in Cus.