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A performance to explore Fear.

To a greater or lesser extent, I am the builder of my Fears.
They are rough, hard and immovable, in some way, very similar to some building materials and structures.
With wood, bricks and concrete, I build the hole, the wall and the ball (Hole, Wall, Ball) and I explore an approach to them.

I can not move. Fear paralyzes me, I feel it in my head and in my guts.
I feel naked and there is nothing I can do but turn my back on Fear.

I read, speak, think and share. I begin to deconstruct categories and dichotomies, creating new meanings with which I can begin to face at Fear.
I no longer feel naked and my clothes cover me to have the courage to come closer and see what is inside, behind and on top of  Fear.

In my approach, I perceive Fear with all its roughness and immobility.
But I discover a margin for plasticity, the ball has a crack, the wall has a slight twist, and the hole has a bottom.
Seen like this, Fear is not so fierce. I can live with it. I dress and I go party.


An abyss of uncertainty soaked with unsureness.
Shall I jump into it?
I want to touch what I don’t know.


A barrier of misleading views raised to curb the path of life.
Can I lean on it’s top?
I want to live with what I don’t know.


An inmovable non-existent truth that becomes a precarious or precasted statement.
Can I mistrust it?
I’d rather hug what I don’t know.

Martina Matencio – Photography
Ariadna Ribas – Montage & Edition
Aleix Montañes – Music
Sonia Isart – Performance Direction
Iri Chochriakova – Styling
Adriana Zalacain – Perfomer

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