All the projects that we carry out are born from our circumstances. They are all the results of the objects that we live with, the materials that we come across, the colors that surround us, the relationships that we cultivate and the emotions that we experience. All of these are circumstances that nurture our Projects.

Our Exhibition Space is the place where we want to show the ideas that we come across. A place where we want to give a voice to our statements and  to share how we can re-build conventional concepts. Through Aesthetics and in a completely multidisciplinary way, we want to express what moves us.

Our Projects are often developed teaming up with people whom we share values with, that enrich us and with whom we hold together the determination that the ideas we share, can lead our society to a greater well-being.


A performance to explore Fear.



This audiovisual piece is an invitation to think ourselves in alternative, dynamic, hybrid, open and less dichotomous way.