Midu Rica & Cus

Midu Rica is a former fashion model and jewelery designer. She lives in Barcelona and we had the pleasure to spend a day with her. Get to know Midu and what inspires her in her everyday life.

Where do you find inspiration?

The sea is above all things what inspires me the most.
The fact that it is never the same and, at the same time, always the same; bright as a mirror or dark and threatening when the waves are like mountains that come and go away.
I must confess that this sea of which I speak about is in Cadaques, a little village among rocks in the north of Catalonia, where nature is frigid and the wind blows so strong that it seems it wants to take you.


Contemplating it, takes me to the origin of everything: the forms, the colors, the beauty of the natural, without any external influence.
It is a pleasure to look at it, to feel it, to smell it, and more than anything to immerse yourself in it, at any time of day or night …
I think it attracts me with a supreme force that it cannot be explained.