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We like to make clothes that express our most deeply-held values: our love for beautiful things; the love we have for each other; and the love we feel for the planet.

Our two lines of clothing, Cus and Cus viva, express our concern for how and where our garments are made. We believe that real luxury comes from being part of all the process of creation.

Wearing Cus and Cus viva is an attitude. Beauty, through and through.

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We design, source, and manufacture our clothes with the following aim in mind: to maximize benefits for the people we work with whilst minimizing the impact on the environment. Respecting the people we work with, building relationships, and caring about our natural environment are as important to us as the clothes we create.

Sustainability lies at the very heart of what we do. This is why we strive to achieve social and environmental sustainability in every step we take.

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Cus garments are designed and made in Barcelona by manufacturers who comply with all EU legal and social legislation.

Cus viva garments are manufactured by women at risk of social exclusion. The company that manufactures our clothes in Alicante works to promote social inclusion by giving a second chance to women in social and economic difficulties. Cus viva garments are fully GOTS certified. GOTS is the world’s leading body for certifying environmental and social responsibility in textile and fabric production.

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We like to work with local suppliers as it allows us to be in close touch and to supervise quality and sustainability standards. Traceability and transparency are in our DNA. Working with local suppliers is important as it allows us to reduce our carbon footprint. 80% of the fabrics we use are made in Europe and the remaining 20% come from GOTS certified suppliers in Turkey and Pakistan.

All our garments are manufactured in Spain.

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We select all our fabrics according to high quality standards and from companies that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact. The clothing is dyed in Europe and is completely free of any toxic substances. We only use mills that ensure that wastewater is correctly treated before being returned to the environment. We only work with certified dyes such as GOTS, Oeko-Tex® and Clear to Wear®.

Learn more about the fabrics we work with:

Organic cotton
Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The aim is to achieve a balance with nature and contribute to a more biologically diverse agriculture. We use organic cotton made in France, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey and Pakistan. It is all GOTS certified.

Lenzing Tencel® fibre comes from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. The wood pulp is processed in a “closed loop system” in which 99% of the chemicals are recovered and recycled with minimum waste and low emissions. The Tencel® we use is made in Spain and in Portugal.

Recycled Wool
The manufacture of this fabric begins with the sourcing of pre-consumer waste yarn and fabrics from European countries. The waste is converted into fibre using a mechanical process. It is then spun into yarn and finally becomes a new recycled wool fabric. It is blended with 30% polyamide to gain resistance as it has a recycled origin. This fabric is made in Italy.

Hemp is highly productive, easy and fast to cultivate. It does not need agrochemicals to grow and enriches the soil with its deep roots. The hemp we use is made in Italy.

Organic wool
This wool comes from sheep that have been raised on feed which is free from fertilizers or pesticides and has not been subject to mulling practices. The wool is GOTS certified and made in Lithuania.

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It’s in our nature
We are beauty, quality, comfort, simplicity, aware, authentic, spontaneous, mediterranean and nordic. This is what we are. This is what we choose to be.