Sèneca 8

We are taking a step beyond and we are developing our project with Radical Transparency.

The transformation of our project spins around a new Space, which is, all at the same time, our Workshop, Studio, Shop and Exhibition space.
Sèneca 8 is the name of our new Workspace which is located in the centre of Barcelona.


The most significant part of this space is certainly the Workshop.
We are thrilled to design clothes and have them sewn 10 steps away from us. All of them, without any exceptions, are In-House made garments.
In the Workshop space, we have our own machinery and, all the production process is done by the employees of our company.
When manufacturing this way, there is no possible gap for tricks, it is the most Radical way to develop Transparency.
In the way we understand sustainability, facts are a lot more powerful than words, and we certainly choose The Facts.


We highly value the idea of promoting contact between the people who make our garments and the people who wear them.

We understand sustainability as a fully holistic and integral concept. Besides, regarding environmental and social issues, we think that sustainability also embeds emotional aspects.

Through our Exhibition space, we want to present Projects that express thoughts and matters related to emotional sustainability. We strongly believe that, the more emotional tools we hold to face the transitional and disruptive times that we are living, the more responsibly and genuinely we will act regarding environmental and social issues.

The Exhibition Space will hold once a week, on Wednesdays, our Shop.
Drop pieces will be displayed in all available sizes to be tried out and pre-ordered, as well as Essentials will be also available to be purchased.

We highly value the idea of promoting contact between the people who make our garments and the people who wear them. Every Wednesday, our shop opens from 10:00 to 20:00. It is a space to feel garments, try them on and if you like any, to make your purchase through our online store (for Essentials), or your online Pre-Orders (for New Drops).


Our new Studio remains with the same soul and ethos that it has been until now. A place of inspiration, of work, of personal and professional growth, and a place to enjoy the pleasure of beauty in all of its dimensions.

“The very nature of how we work and live, is always in constant transformation.”

These are the portraits of Who we are.
They were taken during the construction of our Workspace.

Adriana Zalacain: Founder & Designer

Sabrina Kohan: Production Manager

Eugènia Sendra: Press

Antonio Alcoba: All

Isabel Montilla: Dressmaker

Rosario Moreno: Head of workshop

Photos by Mariano Herrera.