Crafted with Conscience


Can dressing be a springboard to reconsider gender boundaries?

We are socially designated as Woman or Man, but why not thinking about ourselves in an alternative, dynamic, hybrid, open and less dichotomous way?

When we dress, what we dress, is our spirit not our body. We dress our values, our priorities, our states of mind…
Being a woman, being a man is fundamentally a social construction. As Men and Women we can choose how and what we want to do with our lives, without getting into a corset. We can make the act of dressing a manifestation of this will to understand gender not as what we are -I am a woman or I am a man- or as what our culturally fixed identity is, the feminine (sensitive, caring, sensual…) and the masculine (active, rude, aggressive…), but as fundamentally putting emphasis on what we do, on our individual and collective actions.
Dressing is an unwritten language, full of symbolism where we can start experiencing and expressing this exchange between gender attributes, understanding that building an identity is a dynamic practice, a practice that can be built, modified and where a continuum of possibilities exist.

Our Traceability Map of AW20 collection

All our garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners to whom we work with side-by-side on a daily basis.
We do not outsource, we know who makes our clothes.
Within this map, we want to share the location of our partners of each step of the garment process for our Autumn-Winter 2020 collection.

Transparency is the future.